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We have hand raised and very friendly gerbils. We're located in Round Rock, Texas and registered with the American Gerbil Society. ​​Be sure to read the Animal Planet Gerbil Guide by Sue Fox to learn all about Gerbils.

Parents & Pups

Click to see available gerbils, including adults and pups. Many pictures included as well as dates for adoption.

Gerbil Food

Gourmet Gerbil Food that is one of a kind, custom mixed and 1 lb vacuum sealed. No preservatives or additives!  Our mix is mainly people type food: variety of nuts such as pecan, walnut; variety of dried fruits & veggies, variety of seeds such as  sunflower-pumpkin  & light trace of cereals.


We stopped wasting our money on buying commercial "Deluxe" gerbils food, since most of it was dye colored cereals & small bird seeds, which our gerbils refused to eat.


Come by & pick up at $ 15 per lb

OR we can ship for $ 23 per lb

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